Color Popping

The other day, I got to do a little home stage exploring while around the neighborhood. This was an unplanned outing so these pictures were taken on my phone, please forgive the quality, but I couldn’t resist not sharing… especially when it comes to color pops! Like these unexpected colors, a deep magenta to offset a white sun-drenched room, with a little hint of sassy blue. And also, a black and white living room with classic timeless staples, and an occasional tease of lavender… I simply adore!


Inspiration At Your Door

Last time, these were the flowers that I decided to trend to, this time, it’s vibrant colored doors and whimsical painted walls. Now, who wouldn’t want these shoes to come a-knockin’?
{Sole Society Colorblock Sandal} {Shopbop Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps}

Vienna, My Dear!

Only fitting, after our riding trip ending up in Vienna, to have this post, a random collection (yes, very random assortment but I had to fit it all in) of our days spent in that lovely city. A trip to the royal palace and it’s gardens, the world’s oldest zoo, evenings at the film festival, gorgeous views while circling around the boxcar ferris wheel, the day market, shopping avenues, and of course, we’d never miss out on sweets and rich coffee… and may I say, great chocolate cake!

Biking the Danube River

My family has always been the kind to crave a little adventure, along with relaxation, and touring while on vacation. Our most recent trip to Europe was an active ride, biking along the Danube river for 8 days… We pedaled our way through farm lands, wine country, quaint towns, and finally made our way into the city of Vienna. The journey started in Passau, Germany and was an easy, comfortable, truly scenic ride. For those of you who enjoy sweet scenery and the slow pace of country life, while being physically active… you should try this out! We did a self-guided tour through this company. They arranged our bikes, luggage transportation, and hotel accommodations… truly effortless (minus the actual pedaling part). Here are a few peeks from the ride, all to get you inspired for a magical trip of your own! And, if you have any questions or would like to know more about this specific trail, please feel free to ask. I’d be more than happy to give you a detailed low-down.