Dealing With The Distance


Dave just left for his home in England and I’m still finishing up my last few months of school.Thousands of miles don’t make our relationship that much different, but it is different knowing that I can’t just drive down the road to see him. We’ve done the distance thing before and by no means am I an expert in relationships, nevertheless, here are a few of my little tips for dealing with the distance…
{Good morning and good nights} …say the easy, casual greetings to each other every morning and every night to ensure that the beginning and the end of the day are special
{Memories from home} …share the little things that you don’t always have with you when you’re together… baby pictures, scrapbooks, tricks your pets can do, home cooking
{Unwind and relax} …thank goodness for Skype screen share, we watch our favorite TV shows together, Modern Family and The Taste!
{Brownies and frownies} …share the highs and lows of your day
{Letters and cards} …handwritten notes are always more personable, close, and fun to read when you’re separated
{Get excited for each other} …he gets to stroll around Cambridge tomorrow and I get to go to a Red Wings game
{Family and friends} …enjoy your time apart by surrounding yourself with others you love
{Time for you} …reading, reflecting, exercising, pampering, organizing, shopping… sound fun?
{The pressure’s off} …realize that you both have other daily things you need to attend
{What time difference?} …don’t let time be an issue, eat meals together… it might be your lunch and his dinner… set a specific time to chat that works for both of you
{Plan trips} …think of all the fun adventures that lie ahead
{Thankful hearts} …Remember how good you got it
{Temporary business} …know that your time apart is only for a little while longer


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