Happy Weekend

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 2.54.58 AM

This weekend I’m looking forward to cheering on Michigan in the Final Four, going out to celebrate the game with friends, unfiltered laughter, and finally breaking out some bright colored clothes…The birds are chirping, sun, wind, the skies are clear blue, so of course… long walks, window shopping, and cooking up little daring recipes… sharing a bottle of wine and watching late night movies… I hope this weekend you get to enjoy the lovely weather and the lovely people around you… Happy Weekend!
{Kate Spade Hello SunShine iPhone Case} {Mydeco Chinese Lanterns} {Mydeco Yellow Indian Summer Watering Can} {Mydeco Alabasta Fish Small Blue Rectangular Tray} {Mydeco Mini Flower Bottle in Turquoise} {Forever 21 Sunglasses} {Keds Champion Dot}


Colorful welcome back signs I made for Dave for his arrival back to America


Unique numbered shutters… I love the grey-blue and the honey mustard yellow combination

PicMonkey Collagehots

Flowers that resemble the sun… and hot crossed buns that Dave’s mom made, they look just perfect for a weekend breakfast


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