Edamame Dip

I’ve always been a big fan of pairing hummus and pita bread. It is one of my favorite, easy, and healthy snacks. This time, I decided to try something new. Instead of the classic chickpea dip, I swapped chickpeas for soybeans and olive oil for mashed avocados… Edamame dip too, is a healthy, easy to make, and easy to serve snack with just a dash of salt, pepper, and a spoonful of plain yogurt. Check out this healthy recipe!
Ps- Here are some more simple edamame recipes to try out!








Insta Week

A week full of meetings, planning, and checking off the to do list… but most of all, appreciating a roaring fire on an unexpectedly chilly day, my sisters talent for painting, spotted pink orchids, and the joy that sprinkles and frosting bring…

Happy Weekend

I hope you enjoy the long weekend… with lots of rest, peace, celebration, and laughter… As for me, I get to wish my little sister a happy 18 years with ice cream birthday cake, prepare for my little trip to Michigan, and snuggle under warm blankets as the rain continues to fall down… Happy Weekend!


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