A Special Rose Bush


As much as I’ve enjoyed being home so far, I’ve been feeling a little empty… a heaviness in my heart and a longing so deep. For the first time in 11 years, I come home without a wagging tail greeting me at the front door, without a nudge and some slobber, without the sound of clicking paws against the wooden floors. Home has changed, my Comet is missing. Have you ever come back to a place where something has changed? Where something or someone is gone or is missing? It doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t seem fair…
When Comet passed our family friend gave us this beautiful cherry red rose bush in memory of him. Every morning on my way out I admire its beauty, it’s blossoms, it’s color, it’s life. For now, I have memories to hold on to and good things to remind me of what life was like with him around, with a full home. And for now, I remain giggling, watching the recorded videos I have of him doing tricks and I smile at his nose prints that are still very visible on our glass windows…
Perhaps the best way of dealing with absence is reminiscing on the past, holding on to the good of it all and cherishing it… and as for moving on… it’s about welcoming life, beauty, and a future to blossom…








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