Have you ever been to a Biergarten? They are so much fun and full of great food, like smoky ribs and colorful salads, and sweet cider to go with salty pretzels. We went to two while we were in Munich, Augustiner Keller and Chinesischer Turm. Both with a sprawling array of tables and benches, laughing conversations and live music. If you’re not hungry, just go for the atmosphere and a drink or two! And, if you can’t make it all the way to Germany, check out The Biergarten at The Standard, Highline Hotel in West Village New York or Biergarten in LA. Prost!






Market to Market

I have to say, I am a sucker for markets, especially when they’re out in the open, with decorated awnings and narrow paths to walk through… Munich had a sneaky one that we found when wandering, then discovered handicraft works, flowers blossoming, mysterious spices, smells of lavender and foods to eat on the street!








Into Munich

Recently, across the pond and a bit farther… some little scenes from touring Munich, fruit stands and pointy red rooftops, cobblestone streets and apple strudel pies that only take a few bites until they are completely gone… What’s not to love? This is Europe!

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Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.45.00 PM



Acadia National Park

It comes a little late, nevertheless, my last post about our time away in Maine, and the true reason for our trip to Maine… to be completely spoiled by the rolling hills, the islands, the salty water, the crisp honey woodland air, all in which welcomed us to Acadia National Park. To climb cliffs and see the where the sky and the sea, together fade away… with a little bit of old fashioned camping, hiking during the day, and watching fog storms roll in in the afternoon… then to follow, cooking over the camp fire, and of course, lots of s’mores…
If you ever plan on going to Acadia, these are the hiking trails that we did in only a couple of short days: Ocean Path, Cadillac North Ridge Trail, Jordan Pond Path, Beehive Trail, Bowl Trail, & Champlain North Ridge Trail (If possible, I would stay longer!) Some hikes were easy, long walks around beautiful lakes and ocean sides while others were steep cliffs with bars and ladders to cling onto… Travel safe!