Camden and Things Unplanned


I always think adventures left unplanned turn out to be the best ones… with no expectations, no schedules, and freedom that can take you wandering. That’s why our unplanned trip to Maine was so perfect, all in it’s unknown. On our way up the coast, to stroll around we stopped in Camden, Maine. A quintessential New England hidden getaway… little and tucked into a cove… smells of fish and sea salty water, so many coastal things to love… small town signs and lobster this and that… exploring and finding, all on our own, with nothing to align to…








_DSC0289 copy









4 thoughts on “Camden and Things Unplanned

  1. I absolutely love this post, your photography is beautiful. My blog is all about nautical living. I would love to use some of your images if you are open to that? Let me know. I will keep following. All my best – Aimee

  2. What a wonderful unplanned exploration you had. It looks like a delightful place to visit, and not too crowded. I love sea food, really I think I could live on it, so you had me drooling with the thought of lobster 🙂

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