Happy Weekend

With August just starting, I’m in disbelief that summer is more than half way gone. It’s that same helpless feeling I get when an unforgettable moment, a special time or season slips nears the end… and at the same time, I feel hopeful, grateful, and excited for what’s around the corner, for what the rest of summer holds. I need to savor this sweet season that is slowly passing… sleeping with the windows wide open and the early morning sunlight pouring in to wake me up, iced coffee made even better with ice cream scoops floating inside, casual and happy trips, hair in a messy bun, sun freckles, and barely any make up. Hope your weekend is special and savored. As for me, no plans this weekend, that’s me embracing summer!

_DSC0130 2

_DSC0952 1


4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last post, Melissa. You blog is lovely, and I adore your shirt! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love the pretty sea foam shade of your top and iced coffee too!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

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