A Catch Up


This quaint place we stopped for lunch was just too cute and delicious not to document… sit and stay a while, let’s catch up!

– Lately, back from Europe and my body is (slightly) adjusted to the timezone (shout out to you, afternoon naps!) Quite a bit of travel adventure posts still to come…


– Slow days around here with the summer heat lingering, but filling them with juicy watermelon, colorful paintings, air conditioning, banana splits sprinkled with chopped almonds, and lots of park walks.


– My sister is off to college soon which means, not only will I miss her dearly but also trips to Target on the regular… I don’t mind!
– Nostalgia is starting to sink in. This time of year for the last four years I was planning, packing, and getting thrilled to go back to school. I will be missing that sweet college town that goes by the name of Ann Arbor.


– Cleaning out the closet. How can it be so refreshing and stressing at the same time? I think it’s because I have some weird attachments to my clothes, they take me back to special times and memories in life that I don’t want to forget but want to cling onto… And here I go again, with the nostalgia…


– Catching up with those lovely friends and family of mine and missing those I haven’t seen in a while, and enjoying the pace of things…


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