Happy Weekend

This weekend I’m off to the city for some birthday celebrations, celebrating my brother, my cousin, and my mother… they are just some amazing, beautiful people who I love so dearly. I hope this weekend you find someone to celebrate, whether it’s their birthday or not, I hope you cherish your time with them and love on them. Happy Weekend!


Simple Finds

I love these decorative treasures that I spotted on our travels. They are simple things that help add to the overall decor and ambiance of the space. Here’s where you can find some for your very own.
{Occa-Home Flower Pot} {Anthropologie Oil Lantern} {Ralph Lauren Tray} {Sur La Table Wreath} {Z Gallerie Antlers}

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.26.37 PM

Coconut Watermelon Blend

This afternoon pick me up drink is filled with delicious tastes, including mint and citrus limes. It’s super easy to make, energizing, and refreshing without being too heavy. Here’s how it’s made…
Blend together:
A couple of ice cubes
1 cup of coconut water
4 cups of cold watermelon
Juice of a fresh lime
Mint leaves
… and that’s it! Drink up!

A Catch Up


This quaint place we stopped for lunch was just too cute and delicious not to document… sit and stay a while, let’s catch up!

– Lately, back from Europe and my body is (slightly) adjusted to the timezone (shout out to you, afternoon naps!) Quite a bit of travel adventure posts still to come…


– Slow days around here with the summer heat lingering, but filling them with juicy watermelon, colorful paintings, air conditioning, banana splits sprinkled with chopped almonds, and lots of park walks.


– My sister is off to college soon which means, not only will I miss her dearly but also trips to Target on the regular… I don’t mind!
– Nostalgia is starting to sink in. This time of year for the last four years I was planning, packing, and getting thrilled to go back to school. I will be missing that sweet college town that goes by the name of Ann Arbor.


– Cleaning out the closet. How can it be so refreshing and stressing at the same time? I think it’s because I have some weird attachments to my clothes, they take me back to special times and memories in life that I don’t want to forget but want to cling onto… And here I go again, with the nostalgia…


– Catching up with those lovely friends and family of mine and missing those I haven’t seen in a while, and enjoying the pace of things…